Essex Wedding Venue trends for 2016

Each year there are a huge number of hotly tipped trends for creating a stylish and fun wedding. We’ve had a look through the trends for 2016 and summarised a few of the ones we like here for you.

1. Traditional Dresses

For 2016 it’s predicted there will be quite a move back to traditional dresses. Some of the wilder trends in 2016 include tailored trousers for the Bride along with extreme necklines (a response to last year’s low sexy backs). Perhaps not one for all of us, but if you have the confidence and an adventurous sense of taste then why not?

2. Bohemian Hair

Let the locks loose. Bohemian is back with hair worn down (but pulled back at the front). Braids and waves complete the look continuing from favoured styles this year. Other predicted trends are fringes for that Audrey Hepburn look along with headpieces like feathered bows!!

3. DIY Food

Whilst at The White Hart we offer some great inclusive dining packages, you can always speak to us if you have specific ideas about food at your wedding. DIY food stations are becoming more popular with guests choosing the ingredients they want. Obviously some foods work better with this concept than others (burritos being a good example of a food that works). As well as providing food that people can tailor to there own tastes it also provides a great talking point amongst guests.

4. Wild Flowers

Vines, gathered wildflower posies and heather all back up there bohemian trend and can also be a cheaper option than more traditional flower arrangements.

5. Naked Cakes

Let’s face it, we don’t all enjoy icing on our cake. For those that don’t like icing there is a current trend for the ‘Naked Cake’. This can also create a refreshing change visually from having the same old thing as well as giving more colourful options with regard to how the cake is presented.

If you have ideas that you want to include for your wedding then why not call us on 01787 237 250 and we’ll be happy to discuss them and hopefully come up with a few ideas of our own as well.