How to pick your wedding ring.

Buying a wedding ring?

Here are a few things that may be worth bearing in mind before you buy!

Think about it before hitting the shops!

Chances are if you haven’t though about this before then the choice may well bewildering. Have a basic idea about what you want before heading out to make that all important purchase. Bear in mind that you want something practical as it’s going to be something you wear everyday.

Give yourself some time.

You may well change your mind once you begin looking. Make sure that you leave plenty of time to allow for this before the big day. Certainly bear this in mind if you are going for anything that is bespoke or customer made (aspects like engraving may take a few weeks to get back from the engravers).

Keep it classic

As with all style simple elegance will never disappear and never go out of fashion. Remember you will be wearing your ring for a long time to come. Trendy is great but think about the future and all the events that you will be wearing it to. you want something that will work with all kinds of outfits and environments.

Size matters

When you are having the ring fitted make sure that you are rested and that your body temperature is normal. Hot, cold, exercise or illness may all create swelling of the fingers.

Should they match?

The answer to whether both wedding rings should match boils down to personal taste. Given you probably don’t colour match you clothes when going out there is no need to do this with rings. You both have different tastes and style so why not get what you actually want without compromising for either of you.


Whatever your budget bear in mind that for everyday use it’s a good idea to wear something that is practical. An elegant ring doesn’t have to cost the earth and remember that the ring is a symbol – don’t get caught up with how much it costs, just what it means to you.