Minimalist Chic for your Essex Wedding

Why not go for Minimalist Chic for your Essex Wedding?

Whilst for many an Essex wedding may conjure up ideas of bling and spray tans (and everything else TOWIE), many of us still prefer something a little more elegant!

2016 has seen a strong interest in Minimalist Chic weddings, backing away from too much glitz and glamour and opting for something with a more classic sense of style.

Following are a few ideas and suggestions about achieving minimal chic for your big day:


For your wedding invites why not go with something minimal but stylish, focusing on the font and spacing. Bear in mind to fit the style with what you will later be doing with any other general wedding trimmings you will be using.

Companies like provide complete sets of wedding stationary so you can stay within your chosen theme – you can also print these at home keeping your costs down.

Now you have your guest placement cards sorted what about the rest of the table decorations?

Try using sparse foliage bound with a ribbon which can work well without the need for bouquet style arrangements  (as an added bonus this can also be quite a money saver as well).


For your cake again why not keep it simple?

Rather than a multi tiered statement try asking for a simple design focusing on textured frosting and minimal decorations around this.

And the Dresses….

Moving away from larger dresses, keeping your dress style minimal, is also practical and comfortable.

If you are keeping with minimal for the wedding dress, why not opt for a simple two piece bridal ensemble?

As well as being stylish you won’t spend the day feeling like a cheerleader’s pom pom!

If your going for a simple dress or two piece then keep the headpiece relatively simple as well to complete the look.

For the bridesmaids keep accessories small and elegant and avoid too many contrasting colours. Simple greys (or even white) work well here and show off the cut of the bridesmaid’s dresses well.

For the men just a simple tux will compliment the look, particularly if you keep the combination for bride and groom monochrome.

The beautiful dress pictured here is from Candice Lee Bridal (An Australian Company) but obviously there are plenty of Wedding Dress Shops in Essex for your perfect dress!!