Summer Essex Wedding Venue Tips

Here are a few Essex Summer Wedding Tips for you….

With Summer coming soon we’ve compiled some tips for Summer Weddings. If you wish to speak to us about your wedding planning, just call us on 01787 237 250. Bear in mind we’ve written the following assuming it’s going to be blazingly hot sunshine all Summer (ahem!!). 

Tips for the Bride

1. Wear a light breathable fabric. Bear in mind that in this country the evenings can be quite cool even in mid Summer so have a shawl or layer you can wear later if you need to.

2. Don’t wear too much perfume. Bees are attracted to some scents along with Wasps. In the evenings you should be a little safer though!

3. Avoid your train being too long if you are walking in the garden area a lot. A long train will pick up grass stains so remember this when you are walking around!

4. Remember that thicker heels won’t sink into grass as much as thinner heels, so if you’re likely to spend time walking in the gardens this may be worth bearing in mind. Thicker heels tend to be more comfortable if you are wearing them all day as well!

5. Check your flowers before you are photographed with anything that might wilt. If they are wilting don’t bother using them. (there are a few tips on flower selection, storage etc below)

Tips for the Guests

1. Wear light breathable fabrics, but make sure you have something warmer for the evening. For those dressed formally consider open backed vests as they will be a little cooler.

2. Make sure you stay hydrated. Alcohol and sunshine can be a headache inducing mix!

3. Bring some sunscreen with you. Even if you don’t need too much others might, particularly children who tend to be more sensitive to sun burn. For ladies you may want to consider a parasol to avoid getting more than a rosy glow!.

4. For ladies, as with the bride, consider a wider heel if you wish to walk on the grass as they might sink in if they are too narrow.


1. At the White Hart we will make sure that your food is prepared and stored correctly. In hot weather fish, meat and cheeses are susceptible to the heat. Running an award winning restaurant we have you covered on this one!

2. Slightly lighter dishes are often better in warmer weather so speak to us about your menu choices and we can advise.


1. Speak to your florists or our recommended florists Fleur de Lys about what they can do to stop your flowers wilting in heat. Also speak to your florist about the choice of flowers. Some flowers like Hydrangea look beautiful but are very prone to wilting in hot weather.

2. Store the tossing bouquet in the fridge to keep the flowers fresher.

3. Avoid using flowers that are overly attractive to bees on guests tables or buffet tables. Again your florist should be able to make recommendations for you.