Wedding dress trends in Summer 2015

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Following are a few trends for that all important dress this Summer!

Upcoming in 2015 there are a lot of dress designs steering away from the traditional white or ivory. Pale pinks, blush, mink are all part of the pastel shades that are out in the shops right now.

Fabrics are currently lighter and softer with less rigid lines encouraging that softer more feminine feel.

Another fashion that is carrying on from 2014 is having more versatile dresses. These allow for the traditional dress for day wear but having a detachable larger skirt. In the evening the eminently more practical short dress can come out without the need for a major change of clothing or the cost of two outfits. Also trending along with removable big skirts are pop off sleeves. Of course lace as always remains a firm favourite but this year this is more in highlights and accents on the wedding dress rather than the whole dress!

Of course for the more adventurous there is always the 50’s swing style – just make sure you bring your dancing shoes

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